NSPH: Neuro-ophthalmological cases (512)

Session type

Special Interest Symposium

Date, time and place

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 08:15-09:45 in Sweden


Setälä K, Hernesniemi J


A senior neuro-ophthalmologist and a senior neurosurgeoun will present cases, discuss differential diagnosis and treatment options. Videos on removal of tumours and clipping or resection of aneurysms will also be included. Neuro-ophthalmological signs and symptoms can be observed in more than 50% of patients who harbour tumours of the central nervous system. The findings may be subtle, but they are there, and can be observed when a proper neuro-ophthalmological examination is performed. Imaging techniques have really revolutionised diagnostics in neuro-ophthalmology. Still, imaging does not replace a proper neuro-ophthalmological examination. It is not wise to perform all possible tests, but just to do exactly what is necessary, from a large repertoire: starting with a pinhole up to PET tracer imaging. Sometimes a neuro-ophthalmologist herself or himself is able to treat the patient. In most cases, however, we really need a skilful neurosurgeon to cure the patients, and working together with neurosurgeons is an absolute necessity.