LC: Cataract surgery in the Nordic countries: indications, referral routes, producers, economics and future trends (433)

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Date, time and place

Monday, August 27, 2012 at 13:30-15:00 in Denmark


Leivo T, Skjodt K


Heger, Hilde Heger (NORWAY); Kjaerbo, Hadi (DENMARK); Læssøe, Michael (DENMARK); Leivo, Tiina (FINLAND); Setälä, Niko (FINLAND); Skjodt, Karen (DENMARK); Behndig, Anders (SWEDEN)


This symposium will include country-specific presentations followed by a roundtable discussion. The data will be derived from national guidelines, various databases and questionnaires. Where national data is not available, regional or hospital-specific data will be used. Guidelines on indications for cataract surgery and referral routes will be presented. The organisation of supply, including the mix of public and private delivery, will be covered. Analysis of the economic implications of current practices, including financial structures and legal arrangements, for instance for allocating the costs of treatment to the patient and to the community, as well as surgeons' fees, will be presented. The frequency of cost-cutting and high-cost practices, i.e. simultaneous bilateral surgery, same-day surgery and premium lenses will be covered. Future trends in organising the cataract surgery supply and methods for coping with increasing demand will be discussed.